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AQUAMARINE ~ 3rd Eye Lemurian Copper Circlet | 001

AQUAMARINE ~ 3rd Eye Lemurian Copper Circlet | 001

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The AQUAMARINE in this charms is a high quality gem. This charm is ready to be clipped onto any gear slot jewelry from the E=mc^2 store. 

Each purchase of a charm will come with a chain only. Gear Slot Jewelry such as the Lemurian COPPER CIRCLET and the Lemurian COPPER CHOKER must be purchased separately.

Any and all of these charms can be worn in your gear slot jewelry or on their own. This allows you to mix and match as the moment and your intuition calls for. 

Aquamarine holds the frequency of water and therefore can be used to heal the ancient trauma of drowning. Most who have Lemurian past lives also have recurring dreams of giant waves approaching. 

If you feel called to, please read the description below on Gear Slot Jewelry before purchasing this item. It will put you as a descendant of ancient Lemuria in context to the intuitive and fluid motion you already navigate in this life. 

Thank you for following your intuition in making your selection of your magickal tools and for supporting my creative business!!

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