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Earth Magick Copper Crowns

Atlantean 3rd Eye Akashic Copper Crown | KYANITE 001

Atlantean 3rd Eye Akashic Copper Crown | KYANITE 001

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This tool is one of the most powerful tools at the E=mc^2 Store and this is a real live electrical object. *This is NOT a cosplay item nor a decorative jewelry item.* 

When choosing which Atlantean Akashic 3rd Eye Copper Crown to work with as a magickal tool, please allow the connection between you and your crown to become unquestionably clear

If you have ANY questions as to which crystal or whither or not this tool is for you, then that it a clear "NO." In that case, please look at other product lines, like the Lemurian Copper Circlets. 

If being here on this page of the Atlantean collection, is a clear "YES," then.... 

You'll be looking for a similar feeling to Harry Potter finding his wand for the first time - sparks should fly, your insides should rumble, the mere thought of someone else buying your crown should prevent your from falling asleep. That's how you know, you know, this crown is for you. 

If you don't feel that way, about this crown, please.... DO NOT buy this crown!! Thank you! 

When you enter into a magical agreement with a magickal tool to do powerful work... it is up to you to prepare for receiving this tool, to communicate with the tool, and to connect with the tool once you've received it in the physical realm. 

Please read all the details in the listing below on what this electrical tool is and please check out the provided resources to prepare for connecting with your magickal tool. 

The Atlantean Akashic 3rd Eye Copper Crown was created by spirit for you!! 

Thank you for supporting my creative business and for following your intuition in making your selection of your magickal copper tools!

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