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Copper Face Masks | Galactic Patterns

Copper Face Masks | Galactic Patterns

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Protect your face in style.

If you need to wear a mask, it might as well also be protecting you from 5G and EMF frequencies, because we all know it's not protecting you from getting sick.

EMF protection fabric (military grade): 20% Copper + Nickel + 80% Polyester. Copper filter protects from radiation, blocks wireless signals, WiFi, bluetooth, and 5G.

Shielding rating from 10Mhz to 5Ghz, surface resistance: 0.03-0.05Ohm/sq, shielding effectiveness: 80-100dB, Operating temperature -4℃-- 85℃, thickness: 0.08mm.

This mask has adjustable straps and fits well for people with beards or small faces too. 

This style is Galactic Patters in the Pleadian collection. You might want to also check out the Trippy Dots in the Lemurian collection and the Sacred Geometry Hexagon Bees in the Atlantean collection. 

Read more about this specific tool in our blog: The Frog Blog.

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