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Lemurian Orb Spinner

Lemurian Orb Spinner

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This is a surprisingly powerful copper tool. It will magnify your ability to receive healing from others. 

While holding this tool, I had the spirit guide of a friend (not even my spirit guide) come to me and show me a healing. But it only happened when I held onto this Lemurian Orb Spinner. At first it felt like I was going to freak out and chaos was going to consume me. But then, when I grabbed this orb covered in copper wire spiral, I was suspended through space and time and in that moment, I was shown a healing for me to do in these times of need. 

From my experience with this tool, you can learn that this tool is for receiving very powerful healings from others!! It can also help you remain open to receiving teachings as a student. This can be helpful for those who have trauma with authority figures and struggle to learn in class or with mentors or teachers due to this trauma. It can help you remain grounded while also open to receive wisdom from others.  


Thank you for following your intuition in making your selection of your magickal tools and for supporting my creative business!!

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