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Triskelions | Water Frequency Upgrade

Triskelions | Water Frequency Upgrade

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How we look at an object, makes all the difference to the objects chemical makeup. Our looks have an impact, and it is physical. Set your intention, focus your gaze, and we influence life.

Water is life!

H O W ~ T O ~ U S E
These copper triskelions are designed to be used in clear drinking glasses or bottles to raise the frequency of water. They are sold by the pair and each pair is energetically matched. If you order more than one pair, please make sure to keep the pairs with their correct partners for the greatest frequency of your water.

~Water Frequency Technology 101~
The re-discoveries of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto proved that human intention has an impact on the molecular structure of water. All living beings are primarily composed of water.

W H Y ~ C O P P E R ~ I N ~ W A T E R
Drink your way to a frequency upgrade. Copper holds and amplifies energetic intention. Putting copper in your water can increase the potency of the positive vibrations one sends into the water. It’s like gaining haste on that super long cast time.

T H E ~ S Y M B O L : T R I P L E ~ S P I R A L
Triskelion is an ancient symbol of a triple spiral made from one continuous line. This symbol represents the flow of life in harmony as well as continuous movement. Through this balance of harmony, it can neutralize harmful energy. Triskelions appear in many places throughout the world and history from ancient cave carvings, Japanese temples, crop circles, and subtle eye techniques.


ONLY put triskelions into WATER. You can drink this water or give it to plants.
Do NOT give this water to kids unless you first take out the copper triskelions from the water container.
Do NOT put triskelions into thick liquid.
ONLY put triskelions into clear containers.
Do NOT put triskelions into a container that you cannot see through. - No mugs, no water bottles that aren’t clear.

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