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Get out of the Matrix Consultation

Get out of the Matrix Consultation

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This is a 45 minute phone call to fast track you out of the Matrix. You think you're out? Seriously? We'll find the ways you're still in and don't even realize. 

Or maybe you know you're in, but you can't see clearly which pattern is happening again. 

This is a consultation call designed to quickly identify barriers and blind spots to pushing past your current state and moving into the next step. 

This call is designed for any of the 5 Steps to Exit the Matrix. 

Please read the listing below before booking a session and identify which step you think you've got a block in. 

After you purchase this consultation call, you will be given digital instructions on how to book your call and on how to prepare for the call. 

Reasons one may want a call like this:

💥Feeling stuck on one step💥

Are you stuck on one step? Do you not see how to get to the next step? Are you continually hitting an invisible wall and you just want someone to point at the wall so that you can finally see it and barrel through it yourself? 

Well, that's what I do! I point at your fucking blind spots cuz they're often obvious to me. My human design type is a Reflector and it's also what I studied in grad school. I'll reflect your blind spots. It often doesn't feel good, but that's why I'm here; better to have someone unbiased point them out rather than your significant other. 😂

It's a lot less embarrassing in the long-run! 

💥Feeling like no one gets you and you don't know where to find your people💥

Do you just need to talk with someone who gets it? Are you looking to vibe your tribe, but you don't really understand what that means? Maybe you have been calling in your tribe but everyone's been inside cuz it's been pandemic life for how many fracking years now? 

Sometimes we need to get out of our own heads and talk with someone who's been there before. 

💥Peer Mentor💥

In addition to a bazillion other qualifications, I've got a certification in peer support. This makes me completely qualified to listen to your bitch session, bitch along with you, then turn that bitching into actionable steps to get you unstuck from your own unconsciously self-made current circumstances.  

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