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Steampunk Citrine - Large Cluster

Steampunk Citrine - Large Cluster

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Citrine is my favorite crystal. 

This is a living crystal spirit that I have been working with for 3yrs. This specific crystal has asked to work in a space where it can help to create peace and harmony in times of deep personal shedding. Have you been shedding the old to make space for the new? But like so much you wonder if it will ever end? Do you feel like the other side of the tunnel may never come? 

Well, you know, and I know, that eventually... it will ease for you, as it does for us all. This citrine cluster is here to help with this very thing. It has asked to be alongside someone to help bring in and amplify the light. It loves being placed at the window to soak up and radiate the light into your space. 

Thank you for following your intuition in making your selection of your magickal tools and for supporting my creative business!!

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