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Steampunk Citrine - Large Twin Peaks

Steampunk Citrine - Large Twin Peaks

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Twin Peaks... David Lynch... it all means so much. 

Twin peaks when it comes to crystals can symbolize paired love, twin flames, true love or soul mates. 

But if you ask me, and I've been feeling pretty jaded recently... or maybe just more grounded in my views of love... twin peaks is more about centering the duality within ourselves, between us and others, and in the world. 

| Atlantis - Lemuria |

| Illuminati - Masons |

| Catholic - Jewish |

| Democrat - Republican |

Who f*cking cares? Well, it's in our blood to care, actually. These are two forces that polarize if we don't watch out. But ultimately, the divine goal is to balance these two forces within ourselves and then to find others who are also balanced. 

Therefore, this twin peak has asked to work with energetic humans who understand and know this to be true. And this crystals seeks those who actively work towards maintaining the dual balances within themselves on a daily basis. 


Thank you for following your intuition in making your selection of your magickal tools and for supporting my creative business!!

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